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Big Lots - shortage

  • by   Nov 28, 2013
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Company Big Lots
Product / Service Out Of Stock Items
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Category Auctions and Internet Stores
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Go to big lots in English ave in Indianapolis for a sale n the have the item under the counter n claim they only got 4 of the item in but when we called the other stores they all got 12 of the item in I think it was employer set up because why would all the stores but that one get 12 of the sale items in.. Was a regular customers and if they R gone b that way I wisll b done shopping at
lots stores.. It took me 8 months to save up for my kids one thing they really wanted and I fill as thought we got screwed over in the sale by the store 2ea8bf5

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Dec 12, 2013  from Oxford, Massachusetts
I work at Big Lots & I know for a fact that not every store gets the same products. We have another Big Lots store not too far from our store & they have had things that we didn't have. It has nothing to do with the management or anything like that. It's whatever comes on the truck when we get our shipments. We have no control over it. We also can't order things so that we have them when the shipment comes in. That's what a closeout store is. We get what we get.
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Dec 17, 2013  from Oswego, Illinois
Yup, same thing here. Add to that, my store generally does not get the merchandise until after all the others do. Sometimes it's a week, which isn't necessarily terrible as we still get the ad merch while the ad's rolling, but sometimes it's a month later, and it's...just a little irritating.

"Let me talk to a manager!"
"No one in this store is in charge of ordering the product ma'am..."
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