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Big Lots - Terrible Rewards Program...even Worse CS Dept Policy

  • by   Dec 03, 2013
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Company Big Lots
Product / Service Additional Discounts
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We called today corporate CS Tel number for detailed info on your new Rewards Program since no one at your local Big Lots Store in Evans GA could explain it.

We have spent over $1000 this year at your Evans Store but have yet to receive any "reward points or additional discounts. We also started shopping at a Big Lots in So FL.

When we called today we spoke to a CS Rep named "Britney" who explained we had only shopped 4 visits since the new rewards program...and any rewards were based on FREQUENCY of visits...NOT total amounts spent. We asked she lodge a complaint for us since that sounded ridiculous to us as customers.

Even more ridiculous, was that when we called back and spoke to another CS rep and asked to speak with a Manager...we were told that she had no one else we could talk with since MANAGERS DO NOT SPEAK WITH CUSTOMERS...


Well THESE CUSTOMERS will no longer be shopping at BIG LOTS and will be informing their friends and family of their experience with your new Rewards Program.

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Dec 03, 2013  from Columbia, Kentucky
Big Lots has recently changed their Rewards program. Prior, when you spent $20 for each of ten visits, you would receive a reward for 20% off your total purchase once withing 60 days or so. Now, no one at our local stores can really explain how it works, tho I have received an email with a $5.00 off my purchase of $20 or $25 total purchase valid on specific dates. These came in the weekly emails they send. You might keep an eye on what they send you and make sure they don't go directly into your spam folder. But, I agree with you regarding their inability to explain exactly how this new Rewards thing works. Apparently not just the local employees are clueless, but corporate as well.
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Dec 17, 2013  from Oswego, Illinois
The new rewards program was really poorly implemented, in my opinion. Corporate can't explain it, not to customers, and not to employees. As an employee, I can't explain it to my coworkers, nor customers. I've read through the information at least ten times, and it still doesn't make sense.

I don't necessarily think the old rewards program was better, but the lack of communication for the new one is terrible.
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