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Big Lots - Workers are being treated like slaves and hours are being taken

  • by   Dec 19, 2013
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Company Big Lots
Product / Service Customers Treatment
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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My family and I are frequent shoppers at your Bigots located Greenville almost every week.However, I’m sending you this email to inform you what I have encountered while shopping at your bigot’s store.

Your bigot’s stores at 609 Greenville NC 27834 mangers are very mean, rude and hard on your employees they treat them like dirt, especially your black employees. You have this manager whose name Terry that never does any work but she is always picking and trying to run your employees and other hard workers off their jobs. Head managers are taking hours from employees that have been working for your company for a long time. Mangers are working your employees for a small amount of hours and are expecting three times work I think it is trouble what is allowed to go on that this big lots establishment I'm going to send a copy of this compliant to U.S labor board because employees showed not have to endure bad treatment.

Slavery day are over. You employee should have a right to work and make a living just like your managers. Fact is that if it wasn't for your lower level employees you would not have a store in Greenville because you mangers aren’t doing anything but walking around breaking the wipe, fussing at each other starting trouble because they know that your employees isn’t going to say anything out of fear that Mark will take their jobs.

You guys need to send head officials to these stores to see what is going on with your workers because you are responsible for their welfare.
From a concerned Citizen

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Dec 30, 2013  from Washington, North Carolina
Nice that we have the right to voice our opinion but far too often this is done without knowing all the facts! I have shopped there and found management and Terry to be very friendly and helpful. It was a pleasant experience. Everyone has bad days so before anyone posts something negative, maybe you should stop and ask yourself why you are doing it. I will continue to shop there regardless of other customers and their narrowminded views on what someone may or may not be doing. I like Biglots and all of its employees! :grin
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Dec 30, 2013  from Pantego, North Carolina
Yeah what she said!! By the way I am do somewhere with the hate!
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Dec 30, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
First off the managers only do as the head owners over them tell them to do!! As had being a manager over a store simular to it (roses) if the managers didn't give less hours or anything for that fact then they get fired they only do as head people say to do and as for Terry she does an excellent job!!!
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Dec 21, 2013  from Azusa, California
Oh and you said my anonymous posting I don't know if you noticed or not but you're posting anonymous as well. You also said "I'm really obvious too" ....too <---- You just told on yourself. Stick to picking on your employees and taking hours because you're not ready to go up against someone like me. 8)
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Jan 01 
Maybe if you tried typing stylistically different than your original complaint it would not be so apparent. Clearly you have some personal reason to hound this post.
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Dec 21, 2013  from Azusa, California
You just proved my point... -_- dumbass. I'm not even from NC you'd known that had you looked and saw where I was from. And I'm sure you just typed in a different city and state to make it seem like this is a different person. You're so overrated right now! I don't understand why you people are so mad. So what if he/she is a bitter employee it's really none of your business... unless it's about you. which I'm sure it is otherwise you wouldn't be so salty.
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Dec 21, 2013  from Oswego, Illinois
"Bigots" "mangers" I laughed.

You're not a "concerned citizen," you're a bitter employee that seems to think PissedConsumer is in any way related to your company. It's not.

And your anonymous posting in the comments is really obvious too.

In before I'm one of the people you're complaining about: not in the same state bucko.
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Dec 21, 2013  from Azusa, California
First off this person never said anything about the managers doing the Cashiers, stockers, etc. work. All she/he said was that Terry was mistreating the employees, managers are taking hours, The employees are being under payed for all their work, and that the managers are expecting perfection from their over worked employees. secondly: What does spelling have to do with the subject at hand, which is the fact that the employees are being mistreated. Thirdly: you're lying managers do not get 20 hours a week. Where I'm from my managers get well over 30 to 40 hours a week. So I suggest you get your fact straight before you start making comments. Fourthly: How dear you tell someone to keep their nose out of it.... Really judging by the way you speak I'd say you're an employee. Terry or Mark please correct me if I'm wrong! I think this is Mark/Terry online trying to excuse their rude behavior. This site is up specifically for this person to make her complaints. Not for you guys to be rude to them and make them feel even worse. You're some disgusting people. Fifthly: You said and I quote "you are one of the colored people being treated unfairly by these managers." One the way you said colored people was very racial. Whatever happen to Black or African American. This is so Obviously Mark/Terry because why would some random person get this upset over something some random person posted on some random site. I think Terry/Mark should spend less time online and more time running their... Show more
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Dec 19, 2013 
Slavery days are supposed to have been over for many years, but what do you call it when people have to work for minimum wage? In case you aren't aware of it store managers do have other things to do besides the things that the cashiers, stockers, etc. are hired to do. Aren't managers supposed to make sure the other employees are doing what they were hired to do, if not who is supposed to do this. If the managers didn't do it, things probably never would get done. How are the managers treating the employees rude, mean, etc.? You really should be more specific. Maybe even concentrate on improving your spelling, and grammar. Most employees in retails stores/restaurants/fast food places don't get more than 20 hours a week for little more than minimum wage. This country needs to pass a living wage law, instead of minimum wage. Apparently you have no idea how managers run businesses or else you are one of the colored people being treated unfairly by these managers. You might be surprised by how often the head officials make un-announced visits to each business. If you work there, you might not even be aware of who these people are. Until you know all the details of how a business is ran, you should keep your nose out of it.
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