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I purchased a sofa from them less than a year ago for $400.00. And the sofa cushion ia already suckes in called to dind out if they can fix it or replace it and guess what they cannot do either... the crazy thing is before i purchaed the sofa from them i had already had a living room set ingood condition from aahleys furniture for 8yrs and had no problem but i wanted a new sofa went to biglots and it didnt last a full year. BEWARE DO NOT... Read more

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Walked into Big Lots and the store was a mess, boxes in aisle couldn't get down at least 3 of them. Store was dirty. Carts filled with item left all over the place. No one working on the floor to help! Saw a child climbing a ladder of theirs that had not been chained. Will not go back! Read more

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I have been a Big Lots shopper for over 20 years, but they have gotten to be too pushy on asking for donations. For the last 10 visits I have donated 1.00. I wish I had more. The last time I was in the store they asked for another donation and I told them that I was unable to do so. The store manager made me feel like that I was the worst person on this planet. This store is located in Pasadena, The employees are helpful but they are... Read more

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If they only new what goes on.if they would work it for a week they would know how people are treat people the way you want to be treated.they dont care if they lose there good people.some manger let it go to there head.they can treat them any way they want too and nothing said.having favorites too.

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This is Probly my Daughters second JOB!! She had been at this Store for about a YEAR when all of the sudden Her and Another Employee Got one of those Big Rubber Balls and started Horseplaying with eachother and what Happens my Daughter Doesnt get a slap on the wrist they TERMINATE her Corprate Does.Seriously Is this what it comes too.Now what other Employee Reported this to get points in her pocket to move up the later???? This is something else... Read more

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hi just like to let you now at one time ago your prices was great but now just s few days ago I went in I was going to buy but not any more your prices was way way way way too high in cost I can go to famly doller store or doller tree and get stuff chipper than your prices and I did see they treat one of your worker like sorry but *** and to me that's wrong he have been there for a year but the way they treat him sorry but it is wrong I did here... Read more

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Want to layaway fireplace in time for Christmas so I ask sale associate about put it on layaway she reply very risky as no and then walked away to help someone else.the policy should be for any item I. The store . If you know you want the item a are going to get it out this company should review this have a layaway for all item I. The store with 3 moths to get the items out it's just that easy their i said it I'm love the store but pissed off... Read more

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Big Lots - Stay away from there sh###
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we brought a rocker recliner, a mattress set big big mistake. big rip you off. if you go buy any of there junk , you are nuts. rocker would fall over with you sitting in it yes with you in it. drop my pen reached down to get it over I went. That's why they have them so close to each other. $350. sitting outside free on it. get to our mattress set, manger said was a good bed last for years. sheet set would fit it just fine all lies. first off... Read more

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I had a really terrible check out experience today. The cashier, maybe trying to be funny, was just plain rude. As my sister put the items on the counter, I asked the cashier if she could look up my rewards account based on phone number. Her response, "Hang on! I have to wait till she's done throwing bags of chips at me." My sister was setting them on the counter, not throwing them. She then asked for my phone number, and I started with the area... Read more

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Mattress is horrible you fall off the edges, the spring by my head broke and I sag. Lumpy all over. Box spring board broke within 6 months. What a bunch of junk. Bought from Big Lots also in Florida. These must be rejects that Big Lots got. What kind of a warranty do I have and who do you call. Its suppose to be such a great mattress where did they make it and how old these. Are they emptying out their old stock. What happened to a good... Read more

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