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I visited Big lot a week before Christmas, saw a nostalgic stereo system for $85.00. Left it and came back, asked if there were anymore, i was told only the floor model.

I rethought and said maybe i shouldn't. I knew my husband wanted wanted one badly. I took it to the counter to purchase and asked to see it out of the box.

There were nicks and bruises on the merchandise. I asked was there some kind of mark down for it because of it's nicks and blemishes. I was told no, in a rude way. I asked if something was wrong could i bring it back, i was told No, in a rude way. I took it upon myself to let this person know that i am a consumer and i have rights.

I went to get my camera out of the truck and took pictures of her and the radio. nicks included., She said it didn't matter how it looked , that was the price. I felt really bad and just wanted to let everyone know, please carry your camera with you when you shop. You never know when it will come in handy.

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Sharon Reid is the craziest nut job to ever shop at this store. I would be rude too if I saw you walk into my store because customers like you are not worth doing business with. I bet that employee is a lot prettier than you ever were.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #918638

I like big lots. I go there a lot.

They had a nice tool set that I was hoping would be discounted. I waited, then they were out. Sadness... Then later they got it back in so I paid the price.

On another occasion, i bought a cheap watch there.

When i got home, I found out it could not be set - the buttons didn't do anything. they gave me a refund and i got another (which works great) - simple. What do you expect from $5 watches anyway?

So, the person asked if it would be marked down for being out-of-box and were told no. And there was a no-return policy on that purchase.

Thats the deal. It is a store after all and they SELL things. If you don't like it, go elsewhere. I have missed out on things but that is the way life is.

Its disappointing but taking pictures? Really?

Go shop somewhere you feel is nicer to you. I don't know what happened but perhaps you were giving the employee a bit of attitude also - be nice, it works.


What a freak, taking pictures of that employee, it's people like you who make working retail miserable. Get a life


I work for big lots. I never shopped there until i started working there.

The merchandise is the *** that didn't sell at other stores, sometimes marked down. There are no hidden treasures, what you see is what you get. Also, at my store, if an item is damaged, we will discount it for the customer.

My store is fairly nice. I have had to go to other big lots to help out with stocking and most of them were complete dumps.


If that employee sees this post, your legal fees will be much more than any discount you might have gotten on that piece of merchandise. Same thing happened to me, I was the employee and a video of me was posted on Youtube. We ended up settling outside of court because the *** woman was dirt poor and had nothing to get!


I had a crappy experience at Big Lots once before as well, but not once did I whip out my cell phone and start snapping pictures of the merchandise and the EMPLOYEE. That thought would never have even crossed my mind, probably because I'm not insane.

What did you plan to accomplish with that? What in the world is wrong with you??? If I was that employee and I stumbled across this posting I would do whatever I could to find you and take some legal action.

If you have a bad experience and you want to try to do something about it, get the employees name and report it to corporate.

You don't go whipping out a camera snapping pictures of people and post them on a complaint board.

At least that's not what LOGICAL, SANE people do anyway. You must have looked like a ***!


I would have beat you over the head with that camera! Why would you take pictures like that?

Think you have some great lawsuit or something? You were able to go into the store and decide whether or not you were going to buy the ugly stereo or not.

If not you just needed to leave- not take pictures of that girl. You are sick.


you can get into trouble for taking photos like that, if I were the employee I would have called my manager out and not let you take a picture, that is rude and creepy!


I really don't care WHAT people say, This employee was rude! by the way I WENT BACK AND THERE WAS ANOTHER THERE!



to SHARON REID #1254042

A customer does not automatically have the right to be a *** to anyone. Big Lots is a closeout store, a lot (but not all) of what they sell are reconditioned items, returns that cannot be sold at another retailer, items that simply have not sold at other stores, items from stores that have liquidated, outlet type items-meaning something is usually wrong with a lot of what is sold at Big Lots.

Sometimes you pick up a good or great deal, sometimes it is pure junk. The store is very hard to keep organized. An item MAY have been somewhere else in the store & when cleaning, an employee placed it back in its proper shelf. Maybe someone had it in their cart & changed their mind.

It could be the store received more inventory on a truck. Or perhaps someone returned it. Sounds like you took it way too personally the employee would not mark it down, your objection to not pay what they are asking is your right. You could have been logical & reported to a manager or corporate office.

But instead, you claim the employee is rude & proceed to be a complete wack job by taking picture? How is that not more rude than the employee?

Sounds like you don't take no for an answer & had a hissy fit to try & get your way. Grow up.

Zirakpur, Punjab, India #57550

Seriously lady you need to get your head checked. :grin

Pinedale, California, United States #54268

Yes, it is Big Lots.... What do you expect?

Crappy store, crappy employees, but it's cheap and that's why i shop there.

Of course, i do not buy major appliances.... HELLO


Look, if you were not happy with the product, or price, you could have simply left! No reason to take photos, or make remarks about an employee, who in all probality is making minimum wage.

You knew it was a floor model! What did you expect?

Thats why they call it SHOPPING!

By The way.....Did you buy it? :?


first its big lots.....its a *** store. you get what you pay for.

and look you wouldnt be happy if you worked for big lots.

go to another store if you can afford it. loser.

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