I have had the same issues several times now and went online to see if anyone else had an issue with their false advertising. This past weekend they advertised a 'shipment' of Platinum Keurigs that were priced so 'LOW' that they couldn't reveal it.

My husband went in that same morning as the ad and lo and behold they did not have any. When he inquired about it, a salesperson took him to an end cap aisle that was empty and told him they did not get their 'promised' shipment and that it was coming in on Tuesday. Guess what? It wasn't there on Tuesday either.

Very shady tactics and they should be reported.

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A lot of the time, it’s not the store’s fault. We just put out on the sales floor whatever comes off the truck, so therefore whatever corporate decides to send us. We have no control over what we get unfortunately - at my store, the shelves are ridiculously overflowing (stocked to the ceiling) with some items that we get ALL THE TIME and rarely sell, and then we have very limited quantities of popular or advertised items.


I am dock to stock Manager at Big Lots. Happens all the time. Big Lots runs ad for various items that we do not have in stock and are not shipped any.

to Anonymous Tampa, Florida, United States #1147126

Well that's good to know, no need to look in their ad then. Ad on 4-17-2016 showed a blowup hot tub, they didn't have it and told me to call back on Tuesday, they don't have it today either.

False advertising for sure, they need to stop putting out flyers with fake stuff in them. Just wanted everyone to know their tricks.

Pueblo, Colorado, United States #949064

Typical big lots thing ad merchandise is not held but put out ASAP with all other product if it sells before the ad oh well and they generally only get 2 of a really good item so tough luck on getting it.


As anon said, sales ads are developed and printed far in advance. The K75s were sent out in batches to every single store, but some shipment times are very inconsistent.

While there's a push to get merchandise out on the floor in a certain timeframe, if they had just received that truck earlier in the day, or were in the process of unloading when you or yours went in, the merchandise would clearly not be on the floor at that time.

It's not a 'shady tactic,' and it's not done to lie to customers. It is just a couple hitches in a system run by people who are not perfect.


Been in retail many years sale papers are done 10 weeks in advance. Why does the consumer automatically have a negative attitude.

It unfortunate that the product wasn't there. The stores are in business to make money, I'm sure the purchaeing department or shipping wasn't coordinated properly, not the customers problem I'm sure your saying. A good store manager would take customers name/number inquire to "when" and call customer back.

Its surprising to me that the consumer doesn't think this doesn't happen at other retailers......its the 89-20 rule I'm sure 80% or more of the time there are no issues. We are all humans and make mistakes

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