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I bought three market unbrellas for $40 each last week. The first day I put them up around my pool, two of the umbrellas broke.

I still have the original packaging which shows Big Lots' price tag but the store manager will not refund my $120 because I don't have the receipt. He says he will only give me store credit. I've shopped at Big Lots for years and doubt I will ever spend another $120 in that store again.

I can't afford to lose that $120 and I still need umbrellas that work. I am prone to skin cancer and can't enjoy my pool without some shade.

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Lorain, Ohio, United States #921750

Wow... al ot of the people on here are like sheep.....

I bet if you bought a $30,000 car and the transmission and engine blew up on the way home and you went back the next day only to be told "sorry you don't have a receipt" you would pitch a fit until the wrong was made right.....

Bottom line is that wrong is wrong whether it is $5.00 or $30,000.

Big lots has created a poor reputation for itself by not standing behind any of the products it sells.

Big Lots is wrong, their return policy is arrogant and wrong and they lose customers on a daily base because of it. That's why we continue to see them go out of business....





Big lots has the same return policy as most stores "with receipt" and also has the return policy on the back of every receipt, and every receipt has the exact date to return by on the bottom of it. If your still confused then stick around long enough to hear a return policy PA, too impatient, then just read the return policy off the giant policies board posted above the registers.

:grin A receipt is a proof of purchase. Proof... of...

purchase... Hope this was helpful


The return policy is very clear, most cashiers will tell you the return policy. But it chould have been ur responsibility to ask and keep ur receipt.

especially if it's over hundreds of dollars. "Make sure to keep receipts and all packaging within 30 days." how hard was that?

to Anonymous #639038

Um ^ missplacing or losing a reciept aint that hard I think biglits return policy is ***


Items don't just break. Did the wind take them down? Were they not secured?

I see this all the time, people buy something, people break it and then people try to put the blame on someone/something else.

There is a huge sign hanging above the service desk that states there is a 30 day return/refund policy WITH your receipt. It doesn't say with a BL sticker/tag, it says WITH your receipt.

And since you are a long time shopper I'm pretty sure you have heard atleast one announcement over the pa that tells you to keep your receipt if you wish to return items. So it isn't like this is a surprise to you or any other long time shoppers.

You're lucky the manager gave you store credit, without the receipt they didn't have to do anything for you. As someone else pointed out every store, not just BL, has a return/refund policy that states you need a receipt for returns/refunds.

Many stores make allowances and break the policy from time to time but in my opinion that is just bad business practice. What's the point in having a policy if it isn't going to be enforced? Exactly.

Next time keep your receipt until the return period is over.

to tobatohmet #836755

I can't believe you've never heard of product recalls. Sometimes merchandise is made faulty.

Usually unless it involves safety and threat of lawsuit the product will not be recalled, yet it is still made faulty. Big Lots is a discount store because it sells items that are damaged, refurbished, or not of good quality even if they are made by a brand name manufacturer.

I'm saying this to say YES, sometimes things DO just break.

As far as losing a receipt, YES, sometimes that happens to.

WOW, imagine that.

I think it's bad business to hassle someone over a product that you KNOW came from your store

I want to shop somewhere that my business is appreciated and that if I did have a problem with one of their products they would be happy to fix that problem. Policy or not I do understand the need for the policy and that is to help prevent or deter theft and fraud.

But each situation should be evaluated and yes if theft or fraud is suspected then they are protected by the policy. It's nice tho to see that there is someone who is perfect, who never has a problem or never misplaces anything.


Most if not all the stores requires a reciept when returning a merchandise, so its just wise to always keep your reciept till the last day of the return date at least. I do keep my reciepts up until the factory warranty of the item expired. I have no problem returning or exchanging defective items.

to MsTerryOsa #1500777

Most stores also offer store credit without a receipt if the product came from that store - which is easy to tell with Big Lots thanks to their tags.


I bought my son a backpack for school and the first day of school the *** thing ripped. I went into big lots just to exchange the thing and they told me without a receipt they could not help me.


I wish the Big Lots in our district would stand behind their policy. It would make the CSS's job a lot easier but they try to follow policy and when customers start acting like fools,the managers will take back anything, leaving those poor supervisors looking like they don't know how to do their jobs.


Big Lots is very clear about their return policy! Be responsible for yourself!


I love Big Lots but you do have to have your receipt to return anything. I think that is fair. :eek


Its called use sun screen dip ***. You could buy a life time supply with your gift card of $120 or you could have used it to buy 2 more umbrellas.


don't lose your receipt. its common sense.

Who's to say you didn't dig it out of the trashcan behind the store and are trying to get free cash?

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