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I tried to put a dinette set on price hold at the big lots in Bridgeville and pay 300 down and was told I couldnt because price hold is only for clearance, which is BS beca8se I met a woman where i work and she put a price hold on an item in the Rochester big lots with no problem, they told her just to let them know 2 weeks before she picked it up, also when I went back to the big lots in bridgeville with my 3 reciepts I found they didnt apply my rewards card to, the lady told me only one purchase a da can go on the rewards card, I explained my purchases were all seperate days it was their mistake, she said I dont know what to tell you, pick the one you want me to apply!!!!!Report

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Texarkana, Texas, United States #1195493

well I know for a fact that they do not drug test Heather House smokes and she brings her kids to work, Ms Brenda has been on crank for years.....They tell you no drug test because they are a Drug family in Texarkana texas New Boston Rd store

Jackson, Tennessee, United States #702374

price hold is only for regular carried items not to discountinued stuff or clearance the frosted pub set is discountiued. Also Price hold only guarranties the price of item not the product itself.........


Big Lots has thee worst service I've ever experienced. Rude doesn't even begin to describe how they acted towards my sister & I.

I will NEVER shop at big lots again. No manners whatsoever.

The attitudes were completely unnecessary & I hate feeling they felt the need to watch us & refuse to help because of our race. I try to stay far away from racial things but it was clear last night, especially because he was willing to help everyone but us...........

to Resjaun Palatka, Florida, United States #705940

Race??? So sick of that card...

to Anonymous #775868

I'm also sure minorities are so sick of being discriminated against. Until you've walked a day in their shoes....shut it.


The set above looks like the frosted glass which is discontinued as E stated which Big Lots can not get any more in so they are unable to put it on Price Hold. If you ask the manager to link your reciepts you must come in on three seperate days.


Price holds are for core items only. The dinette set pictured above is a clearance item that the stores will no longer be getting and that is why you cannot put it on price hold. The cashier can link your receipts to your rewards card, but they must be over $20 before tax, from separate days and the linkage must occur within 30 days of your original purchase.

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