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Yesterday I received my BIG LOTS Buzz Club online sales ad.They advertised and showed a picture of a reindeer door .

the ad reads, " assorted Christmas textiles, save 25%-50%." I got to the store and there was a similar white paper sign above the display of these items. I put the reindeer in my basket and when i went to check out they scanned the item which rang up full price. I said the bin was marked 25-50 % off, and the ad said the same thing. The manager came up to me with one of the signs in hand, and showed me print that was significantly smaller than the rest of the ad that said " off competitors pricing." I told her that was very misleading.

She said they already had to reprint the sign once, but she was just doing her job. They would not honor the advertised price. I decided not the purchase the door stop. On the way out of the store I noticed that they had a sales ad posted by the door.

Indeed there was the ad again, "assorted Christmas textiles, save 25%-50%." No where in the ad did it say 'off competitors pricing." I took the ad over to the manager and she said she was just doing what she was told to do, and gave me the corporate phone number.

I told her this is an illegal practice.

Unfortunately this same scenario has happened to me twice at Big Lots; the other time was this summer.I think I have made my last trip to Big Lots and will cancel my buzz club rewards too just based on principle.

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Don't get into legality with the poor girl. I get it sucks, but jeez. Take it up with corporate and stick to the blog.


@BigLotsNoMore who said:

"The chain also puts items on racks that are not on discounted pricing with items that are discounted. So a buyer thinks the items is less expensive. But a customer will only find that it is the regular price when she is at the cash register. I'll never shop at Big Lots again."

If you find things on racks that don't belong there - don't blame it all on the store. My kid works at Big Lots and people will just drop things whereever. This happens at most stores. So, what you are saying is not necessarily the store's fault. Or do you expect them to give you something at a lower price because some other shopper was too lazy to put an item back where they found it - or to ask an employee to do so?

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #108065


They seem so deceptive! I wonder why they feel the need to cheat people out of their money? Could it be they are just that disorganized as a business?


The chain also puts items on racks that are not on discounted pricing with items that are discounted.So a buyer thinks the items is less expensive.

But a customer will only find that it is the regular price when she is at the cash register.I'll never shop at Big Lots again.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #105171

Yes OPTLawyer, I read the entire ad as well.Isn't that why a person reads the ad and then shops the sale?

Isn't that why the merchant prints the ad?

To note: I sent emails TWICE to Biglots asking for clarification after the fact. They never responded.

Interesting, isn't it?And yes,to be fair I did in fact save copies of the emails I sent.


I got that ad too...and I understood exactly what it meant. Guess I prefer to read the entire thing and not just see what I wanna see though.


They are wrong for that. Really. I don't even think that's legal and I studied Advertising in college.

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