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I purchased a Serta Hamilton Park mattress less than 5 years ago...of course I didn't keep the receipt, who does ?? That won't happen again..EVER!

It has sagging in the middle pretty bad {{Redacted}} and thought I had hit a brick wall in a return...the Big Lots manager was extremely helpful being the mattress was manufactured only 6 years ago and had a 10 year warranty, she said she would honor it and to bring it to her...I am very grateful to this lady.....ALWAYS KEEP YOUR RECEIPT...AND TO THAT PERSON THAT CALLED US "TRASH" FOR BUYING FROM BIG LOTS, YOU POST WAS FLAGGED!!! EXTREMELY RUDE HUMAN....

Review about: Big Lots Manager.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Just food for thought. For any purchase that has a warranty longer than a year, I encourage the customer to make a Xerox copy and file it with important documents (like where they keep their tax returns).

Reason being, receipt tape does fade after time. If you wait longer than a year, you're likely to have a receipt that is so faded it is not able to be read.

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