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i bought a sanyo tv 26"lcd hdtv for 199.99 plus tax..about 2 and half months later a black line in the middle of the tv i didnt keep the box or receipt after 60 or so im stuck with a broken down tv that dont wrok good, biglots or sanyo or sams club wont give any type of refund..thats ok i'll never buy a product from biglots ever again, they say thou shall not steal but here is a big corperation stealing over 200 dollars from someone who always went shopping there, thieves. biglots never told any shopper that it was a remanufactured product, they sold them as new tv's..keep the 200 plus dollars, thats all you will ever get from me, i will never go shopping there ever again, worthless products that dont even work and biglots is the cheapest thieves i ever seen in my life, cant even pay back a lousy 200 plus dollars to somebody who got ripped off by a bad product, biglots should be ashamed of themselves, i hope the attleboro biglots ends up shutting down because every single time i walk by there i will tell the shoppers dont go in there they have bad procducts and they dont give money back , one way or another i will make sure biglots here in attleboro gets shut down due to lack of business, thats a promise...low life *** of the earth robbers..if biglots has the dignity to send me my money my address is gregory nordan 15 north main st attleboro ma lost a good customer who spent lots of money there, but never again, i hate getting ripped off or scammed..

Monetary Loss: $199.

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I've never seen a refurbed tv sold there that didn't say so in big letters on the box


I am a Big Lots Fan. I was shopping there when it was called Pic N Save(in my area). I have always found fantastic deals, including factory refurbished appliances. If you read the paper ads, you will always see, close to the product,the words "factory refurbished". The boxes will look different. They will also say something like "Factory Refurbished". I looked at an RCA LCD TV some time ago. I looked on the back, which also stated that it was factory refurbished.

A wise consumer should always keep their receipt. Just attach to the instruction manual and save for future reference. I have done this since I was a child. I know that some things break down under warranty and I also like to be able to look back and see how long I have had the item.

I make it a point to always ask "what the return policy is" when I purchase a high priced item. I purchased an item a few months ago, but did not fit what I was expecting. I returned it about 30 days without any questions. Everything was in the box, plus the receipt was presented. No Problem.

There is a reason stores want a receipt. There are people who take advantage of stores. Why do you think many ask for your signature and maybe your address, phone #, etc.?

Know the store policy before purchasing.


So you tried returning your broke TV to both Sam's Club and Big Lots? So much you "thou shalt not steal" if your trying to return a TV to a place you didn't buy it.

Seriously - you bought a 26" TV for $199.

Why do you think it was $199? That's like going to NYC and buying a "Rolex" watch from a guy on the street for $100, then taking it back to a Rolex dealer when the thing breaks and demanding to know why he won't replace it.


First of all... what does Sams Club have to do with Big Lots?

Oft times remanufactured or refurbished items have a shorter warranty than a new product. Every refurb I have ever purchased was marked REFURB.

Maybe you just overlooked that fact. If it wasn't marked, why do you now claim it's remanufactured?

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