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I purchased a comforter set at big lots. It would not fit the bed I bought it for or any other bed.

I took it back to the store in Hoover,Al. where I bought it. I couldn't find the receipt,(I didn't expect the set to be defective.) The store didn't offer a store credit or a refund. I have been a long time customer of big lots and would have thought better of the store.

I will not return to any big lots store until this is made right!

They have my money and my comforter because I have no use fot a defect comforter set! I will soon be reporting this to the BBB if nothing is done on this matter.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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1. Always save your receipts. ALWAYS. I assumed everyone knew that.

2. How do you expect to have this to be "corrected" if you're not willing to go to another store?

3. HOW are you going to "correct" it if you left the dumb comforter at the store?

Even if you couldn't get this "injustice" "corrected", you could have donated it to a homeless shelter, or Salvation Army or a place where someone, somewhere could use it.


No receipt, no refund. How hard is that to understand?


So why didn't you save your receipt. Nearly all retailers require a proof of purchase.

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