Nothing bad has happened, ever. I am probably one of Big Lot's biggest revenue customers.

I have been shopping between 4 area stores here in the St. Louis area. I am a bargain online shopper. Frugal if I may.

Big Lots ended all my running around and online comparison shopping permanently. Been shopping there for roughly 10 years. The employees know me, I know them, and can honestly, from day 1, say I have never, ever had a bad experience at that store. *I know I can get any particular product that passes thru there at the absolute best price.

I have researched this many times. Every 10 trips I use my rewards card to buy the big items... mostly furniture, electronics, etc. Out of the 2 issues I have had, they have bent over backwards to please me.

Both on the phone to customer service or thru the cashier and/or store manager. I shop at the Crestwood, Mo. store most of the time and have spent tens of thousands of dollars there and a bit at the Rock Rd. stores also.

If this chain was to close down, I would be devastated. All my friends and family know this also. I left the top discount chain today after getting my prescription to go to Big Lots and spend 35$ to finish my holiday shopping. I knew they had what I was looking for at the best price.

Yes, even better than that discount chain store. And no, I don't get paid by Big Lots to write this. I get paid for writing novels. Try Big Lots store again, or try a different one.

I am living proof that your experiences are isolated and I bet those employees are most likely no longer there. Trust in this.

Big Lots is the BEST by far and with the lowest prices of ANYWHERE!...... Faye

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #798112

i do get paid by biglots i work at one in oklahoma and not getting paid to say this I have help a lady from fl. buy a recliner for her father in law and no one there in her area wood do it so she called me and I found the way to get it to him and she did from work so yes its the people in the that make it from worker to the people shopping there I only been there 7 mouth and there pay dose suck alil I had to get a promotsoin for a raise that I at least derived but i think its ok place i are very involve place from corp.

to lil me the avg. struggling white boy okie there take inertness in what is going on i have a confrontes call with ever furniture manager in my area and get layout sell pormteshons and what issuses happening so all im saying its us as a whole is the problem we as a whole inhabit of this earth is to blame ask yrshelf as fast as we like to make new lil one because i know at least i know i like to or atleast try knowing i cant have anymore its fun trying so yes big lots is just like anywhere it's not the company its us in the way we respond to the day to death experiences and people places and thing we inconrter every day ask the lowest on the pole or the highest life is just that what we make it and only as human we make it the way it is


Since Big Lots came to my town, I have maybe bought six items there. I won't buy certain products at a place like that because I have heard a lot of it is seconds, and buy outs from places that have went out of business.

Also if you buy something there that you really like, and want to get it again, they will probably never have it again. I am low income living off $700 a month retirement SS. When I look at their ads, it states craft items, and has a couple pictures, then states to come in the store to see what they have. The same when it comes to their holiday decorations, etc.

I haven't had any problems with their employees, I just question the quality of some their products. When I look at the ads for stores, I want a better idea of what an item is before I run to the store and than get disappointed.

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