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When I went to checkout the cashier was so obese she wouldn't get out of her chair to even get my things, she reached & had the people behind me in checkout pushed my items so she didn't have to get up, she acted like it was a big effort for her to wait on me, very...
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Six Lakes, Michigan
I didn't like
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Big Lots - Fireplace Review from Grass Lake, Michigan

My name is Beatrice Bryant and I purchased fireplace from big lots in Muskegon , Michigan. I lost the reciept and want to exchange. This man name Jay wrote his name on the box that never been open promised that I can get exchange but Jay changed his mind that won' t allow me to exchange. What should I do?
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Grass Lake, Michigan
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I purchased a 60in.Cherry Ash Parqt Media Center fireplace at store # 05107 02/10/13. Total price 399.99 plus tax 24.00 totaling 423.99. There were 4 customers a head of me....then the sales person on the register says come on I've got 4 customers behind you. ...
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Flask aka

To Sue, big lots only accepts coupons that are distributed by themselves. Things are already greatly discounted. That's why coupons aren't accepted. Secondly, to accept EBT at...


I just been to our local big lots store and they were out of what i went to get, protene shakes. thats the way this store works.... you buy something you like at a bargain an...

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One Saturday, I went to Big Lots to inquire about an item I had seen in the sales ad. The associates explained the sale would not take effect until Sunday(the next day). I then proceeded to go into the store to look around to see if I could find any other deals. I was...
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This whole thing about "if you have nothing to hide, then why not let anyone who wants to rifle through your belongings" is really just wrong. Come on sheeple! We have a right...

Uh O..Really

Actually, no. It is not legally theft until after they leave the store (that means, walks out the door). Stopping and searching before the customer leaves the store is illegal...

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Mr. Coney I appreciate the time you spent in contacting Diane Kimmel over my concerns with the Adrian Big Lots. My greatest concern was that after talking to Ms. Kimmel’s secretary no return phone call was made to me. As your are aware and as I expressed to you,...
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Because of previous situations with Big Lots, I decided to be at the store before opening on the day of a sale. They advertised a Bissell carpet cleaner for $49. When they o...


Most Big Lots stores run with half the hours a store their size needs. Most of the time there is one cashier, one manager, and on associate that stocks the shelves and handles...

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