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My wife has been wanting to get a Keurig K40 but we haven't been able to afford the $89.99 price that they sell for at Wal-Mart and other retailers.

I was excited to get an email from Big Lots which stated that they had the same K40 model offered at a "price so low that it couldn't be shown" in the email. So I went to the website, which said the same thing but also had a valid date range of 4/2/15-4/9/15.

So, I took time from my lunch break and drove to one of the local stores on 5/7/15. The guy at the counter actually rolled his eyes when I asked about the item. He scanned it and said it was $89.99. When I showed him the email. He said he had never seen Big Lots do that before in an email or on the website. Then he told me that it would be in the Mother's Day sale starting on Saturday. When I told him that the dates were from 4/2/15-4/9/15 he said he didn't know anything about it but it would be on sale on Saturday.

It's now Saturday and I just got back from another Big Lots closer to me and it is still $89.99. I asked the manager about the price and the dates and he said that it was at the regular price, there was no sale and it would still be that price after 4/9.

I contacted the Big Lots customer service department and they told me "We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. For Big Lots to be able to carry the Keurig coffee maker, the Keurig company requires us to advertise the item in this manner. We are not allowed to show the price in our ads or on our web site."

However, this didn't address the valid date issue which gives one the impression of a special price.

This person wrote the review because of "misleading advetising" of keurig k40 brewing system from Big Lots and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Big Lots to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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if the item was one sale it would say "price cut" or "reduced".. you saw an add that said special buy.

that does not mean it would be less that $89.99. that ad does not even show you a price.

.. you ASSumed it would be lower

to Anonymous #999345

You are correct, I ASSumed that special buy meant for the consumer, not the seller... then I went to the store and was ASSured by the employee that it would be on "sale" that weekend for Mother's Day.

I also ASSumed that their employee was telling the truth.

I am very happy that they got a special buy... it's a shame that they didn't pass the savings on to the consumer.

The intent of this post was to inform others to be careful and not to ASSume the same things I did.


Buy it off QVC and do the easy payment thing. They come with a bunch of extras (coffee, filters, etc) for the same price as you'll find it in a store for machine only.

With that said, pods are expensive for these so why not just get a single serve brewer that takes grounds? The coffee in the pods runs about $50/lb.

to Anonymous #982205

These are good points. The coffee we would be getting would come from an Ollie's Outlet store.

They have 80 packs of name brand pods for $24.79. They have coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The main issue here is that they put the date on the ad that left me thinking that I had to get there quick or I would miss out on a Mother's Day deal. Which wasn't the case.

It's the same price everyday.

I did get a call from a Big Lot's customer service manager. He kept laughing at me and said that other retailers sell items 2 for $5 when they are $2.50 regular price and why wouldn't I complain about that. I said they don't have expiration dates on those items and I could plainly see what the price was.

With this, I had to go to the store to find out that the price was the same and I was told by a Big Lots employee that the sale on the Keurig would start on Saturday. And after another drive in to the store on Saturday, I found out that it still wasn't on sale.

I wasn't rude, I only inquired about what the actual price was and whether there was a mistake in the ad and I got laughed at.

I don't care if I never go back and neither do they. I would just like to offer a "heads up" to save someone else the hassle of having the same experience.


If you can't afford 89.99 for the machine you won't be able to afford the special coffee packs either. That's a huge expense.

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