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Arriving @ the check out- the cashier said nothing, OH, except the total of my purchase.

I got no "Hello" - "have a nice day" - no "Kiss my a##"- Nothing. Then she wouldn't bag my purchase.

I was at the Griffin store(01617), the cashier's name was Ellie (342578).

Now because of such rudeness, I WILL NEVER shop your facility again, and if I hear of my friends shopping at your facility, I will be sure to let them know your employees treat people.

I think you as a merchandiser would appreciate anyone's patronage.

With employees like this, its a wonder that you are able to stay open.

Review about: Big Lots Cashier.

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Oh, as an employee I would definitely have no problem telling you to kiss my a@#. We are pretty particular about the business we get and appreciate - it's simple.

Act like a rude, arrogant, no-manners jerk and you will be treated like one. Cashiers are people, they are not there to put on a false display of fake personality for your amusement.

And, it is creepy as *** when you call us by our first names and you don't even know us. It's not cute.

Machesney Park, Illinois, United States #723343

"WOOOW!...You are ALL going to the..WROONG BIG LOTS! We have 2 Big Lots in our town & the employees..fall all OVER THEIR CUSTOMERS..just to HELP in anyway they can!" 8)


They also treat their customers like ***..Especially the sour faced male manager at Bradford PA store. I go out of my way NOT to have him serve me........Sensitive NO... hate being treated like trash YES!!!!

Sounds like John may be that cranky old *** of a manager at the Bradford store the way he keeps jumping in and putting people do us a favor John.....GET LOST..


I also worked for big lots. So true, it was the worst place I have ever worked (in all my 3 jobs I've had over 40 years).

Mgrs treat you very bad, talk to you like you know what on the bottom of ther shoe.

they are very rude to the customers also. I was ashamed for them and to work for them.




that because they treat there employees like ***

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