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This is Probly my Daughters second JOB!! She had been at this Store for about a YEAR when all of the sudden Her and Another Employee Got one of those Big Rubber Balls and started Horseplaying with eachother and what Happens my Daughter Doesnt get a slap on the wrist they TERMINATE her Corprate Does.Seriously Is this what it comes too.Now what other Employee Reported this to get points in her pocket to move up the later????

This is something else and i am her Parent i am Taking this harder than she is Go Figure??

Well thats probly because she is 5 months pregnant, what *** me off is the fact that she was fired but i have been reading what others have been through and i see why this crazy stuff is going on??? So sitting here i Feel we should go to 7 on your side these are really too too much for me there is NOTHING Friendy about BIG LOTS and i feel we should go Public on this to STOP people Shopping there.To All of you Ladies that LOVE your JOBS at That Special Store well lets see what Really is the Problem Lets find out how many WRONGS and how many Rights...Because i bet most of you if not all of you are Woman and we Dont take things Lightly Especially when it comes to OUR Children.So I will Return when i find out the GOOD and the BAD..Have a Blessed Day....

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I’m also an employee there, and if I was acting in such a manner, I would expect to be discliplined...

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