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I work hard at Big Lots. They are now subjecting employees to mystery shops, turning them into automatons, judging them on saying certain phrases.

This is ridiculous, this is a discount retailer, people come there for bargains, not being badgered while they are shopping. It is really ***, when Big Lots is out of things people want to buy, but they waste money on mystery shoppers. I have customers waiting on furniture to come in because Big Lots is too poor to have adequate product and customer drive all over town because they are out of things.

They now are threatening people's jobs based on these mystery shops. Horrible.

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I work at big lots and probably do way more than my pay. I've been here for almost 2 years and at this point I'm begging to be fired.

Management is terrible, corporate is terrible. I feel terrible when I have to turn a customer away because my manager told them something different.

I ended up doing some manager jobs and when I bring up some form of raise, they laugh in my face. Worst job hands down.


Yep, I’m an employee as well and we were kept waiting on edge for weeks for the “mystery shopper.” It was nerve-wracking. And it’s anti-union training time again...that’s always struck me as a bit unethical.


Everything you've said about mystery shoppers is true. I used for Big Lots over a year ago.

They do treat their employees like crap and also have nerve to make you sign a document that speaks against joining unions.

I never did sign it. These corporations ought to be ashamed of themselves taking advantage of their employees and wonder why they have a high turnover rate, not to mention a hostile work environment?


So true... the sad thing is these mystery shoppers come to a raggedy store thinking it should look like Neman Markus.

Mostly ghetto a** people shop Biglots. They have no respect when shopping-so they tear up the stores.

Then you barely have 1 recovery person for the entire store. It's an unrealistic expectation if they think a store can look grand opening under such circumstances.

to Ande9424 #1373483

Not sure what you're talking about, the Big Lots I work in always looks fairly decent, and I've seen some upper middle class, nicely dressed women in the store shopping quite often. We get our fair share of trashy people, including a local homeless man who wanders around the store talking to himself, but I wouldn't say that our customers are "mostly" trashy people.

Also, my boss is pretty good about having 3 or so of us on recovery over the whole day, for different parts of the store, but heck, give me 6 hours and don't bug me, I can get the whole store looking sharp. It's neither difficult nor rocket science.

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