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I was at the carle place store on April 12, 2014 @7:43 pm.While I was there I had a problem with a one of the associates named I stood on line I was speaking with one of my family members and she was before me and Tyler was throwing all her purchases in the bag and she stated too Tyler about throwing her stuff in the bag and Tyler stated it's not that serious. I then stated that's not how you speck too a costumer and he stated what ever while I was making my purchase Tyler continued too go back forth with me.

I stated too Tyler no one said anything when you let this young lady skip everyone that was on his long line.Tyler then stated too me that need too be quite and that I don't know him and that I don't want no part of him. I then asked him were is your manger because you are very unprofessional. And no I will not stop talking and you will not talk nor treat me in this way after making my purchase Tyler slammed my change on the counter and stated tell my manger I don't care. As I was walking away Tyler continued wanting too act unprofessional and his manger can see his behavior in front of store filled of consumers.

While specking with his manger she stated I seen what happened and that she will speck with Tyler.

And she acted like I was bothering her and want too deal with this matter.I hope this matter can be addressed so I won't have any further issues with your associates I will like an response regauarding this matter. At robin thank you.

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Same issue in store #525 in St. Pete., FL.

Short red haired menopausal associate who is just scarcastic as can be with her fake politeness. Old woman (mid-90s) who spent over $100 eventually, raised an issue over the price of an item versus the shelf price, then the old woman had difficulty scanning her credit card. The associate just went off. The customer then asked if someone could help her to her car since she had a full cart and it was raining.

Old red gave her the biggest line of b.s., that they're not permitted to help customers or they'd get fired ... yeah, like you make customers load furniture purchases by themselves.

Then it was my turn. Their ad was purchase $20 dollars of Friskies catfood and receive $2.50 off. Oh no, red dye job wasn't having it.

I showed her the sales ad and the Friskies label on all the cans/bags. Didn't matter, if it was on sale, the computer would be programmed for it. Yeah honey, I'm trying to get over on you for $2.50 ... like I make 5 times what you do at your miserable dead end job.

Took a manager to tell her, yes, I was correct. What can you expect when dealing with minimum wage, no education.

to Big Lots Blows #849938

Looks like you should take your massive paychecks and take some English classes. Your comment is loaded with comma splices and grammatical errors.

When attempting to be high and mighty it helps to proof read your statement. If you did proof read it then God help you.

to Big Lots Blows #1512277

For what it’s worth, not all of us are uneducated. I just graduated college summa *** laude and worked at Big Lots part-time while I was in school.

Customers have treated me, and my coworkers, like I am stupid and beneath them just because I work in retail. I treat all my customers with the respect that I would want someone to treat my family with, and that is not easy to do when customers treat you like you’re dirt on the bottom of their shoes.I do agree that the cashier should not have been so rude to you. But she is right about the sales being programmed into the computer.

As associates, we can’t change the prices - even if there is an error in the system (it does happen, even the computer isn’t perfect). So yes, she would need to get a manager price override for you to get your discount...

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