Purchased storage unit 11/30/11. Carton was damaged in store warehouse.

Placed under son's bed until he could assemble the unit in May. When finished with assembly, I saw that the front doors were scratched, a base leg was cracked and the hardware was incompatible. Returned to store with receipt, they would not accept the return. I wrote a letter to Big Lots home office in Columbus, Ohio the end of May; never got a reply.

This item was damaged in the store.

I think they should accept the return and reimburse me.

As stated on their receipt "the merchandise must be in its original condition as of the day it was purchased". I believe this item meets Big Lots requirement of original condition as when purchased, and should be accepted for reimbursement.

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you tried to return something 5 months after you bought it... did you really think they were going to take it back?

If you sold someone something, and they took it home kept it for 5 months and brought it back and said ummm its broke, would you give them their money back.. i doubt it


Seriously? You brought home an item in a damaged carton and didn't verify it was in good condition for 5 to 6 months, then you want them to pay for your foolishness?

I'm not a Big Lots supporter.

I think they sell inferior products and their customer service sucks. But, their only wrong here was letting an obviously damaged box out of the store without checking the contents first.


They hardly if ever honor their return policies. The BBB (British Broadcasting Badstores) should be notified immediatley in writing about their policies on anything they try to sell junkies used supplies...LOL


I understand your frustrations; However it is Big Lots return policy 30 days with a receipt. Your merchandise was well over the 30 days.

Your purchase was at least five months past the 30 days. I don't see many retailers who would give you a return, merchandise credit or allow an even exchange.

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