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On February 28, 2012, I purchased a Wilson & Fisher 9 Ft. Market Umbrella SKU#210020428 for $60.00 at my local Big Lots at 1211 Tower Blvd. Lorain, Ohio. Then, on March 3rd, I exchanged and repurchased this umbrella for $48.00 with a 20% off discount coupon.

I did not use this patio umbrella in snowy March and I did not use this umbrella in showy April. Anyone who lives in Ohio would know that! I did put out this umbrella on May 28th for my Memorial Day picnic. Eight (8) days after I put out this umbrella, the metal mechanism button that is used to tilt this umbrella popped out and landed on my glass top patio table.

On June 5th, I took this broken umbrella, the original cover it came in, and my original receipt to my local Big Lots. I was told by the manager that they would not return, refund, nor exchange this item because it was over 30 days since it was purchased. I explained that since this patio umbrella was not used during winter that I would have had no way to know it was defected for two months. I was told to contact Big Lots. Com.

On June 5th, I wrote a letter to BigLots talk2us.com and explained my situation. Well, after numerous emails back and forth, the end result was that they would not help me and told me to contact YADA TECH 866-811-0240 - that they were the vender. On June 21, 2012 I called the number provided to me by Big Lots.com and YADA TECH told me that they were located in Canada and that they did not provide merchandise to Big Lots in the USA. So next, I called Wilson & Fisher at 877-539-7436 and they said that they only sell under the name of Court Yard Creations to Big Lots. So, I then started to call Big Lots Corporate number at 614-278-6800. After I left numerous voice mail messages for customer service, I finally asked the operator to connect me to a live person. Josh from costumer service answered the phone and I once again told him my situation….. that I paid $48.00 for a patio umbrella that lasted 8 days. He told me that he was aware of my situation via my emails and that there was nothing he could/would do for me. "That I was out-of-luck… Big Lots buys cheap stuff from over-seas… 30 day return policy." etc. –He also told me that he was aware that YADA TECH was not a vender for Big Lots. Why I was given that number via email is beyond me. I told Josh that is was unacceptable for a consumer to pay that kind of money for a defective item and I wanted to be compensated somehow. He started to get very rude with me and said once again, "there was nothing he would do for me… 30 day return policy". I then asked him to if he would connect me to his supervisor and to my shock, he said "No, I will not connect you and I will not tell you the name of my supervisor. There is nothing that they can do for me". I could not believe my ears!!!! I once again asked him for the name and number/extension to his supervisor and he said he "cannot give out that information." I told him that I did not want to know the address of his supervisor, I just wanted to know the name and how I could contact this person. He said "it was Big Lots policy not to give out this information and that customers were not allowed to talk with a supervisor… that HIS word was final!?" What in the world kind of policy is this? Not be able to talk with a supervisor at customer support…WHAT??? Customer support at Big Lots is a joke! You can save some money and get rid of that department – It's useless and rude.

As a consumer, I have never ever in my life been so completely dismissed like I have with Big Lots! I fully understand that every store has a return policy and I also understand that there are exceptions too. I wasn't asking for something for nothing. This is completely unfair to allow a customer to make a large ticket priced purchase and not help them out when the item breaks in less than two weeks. Now, I have no patio umbrella for the summer. It is ridiculous that I have had to jump thru hoops to try and obtain a refund. This IS an exception to your return policy that should have been addressed and resolved properly.

I will be sharing my very expensive-negative experience with Big Lots on You Tube, contacting the Better Business Burial, as well as telling all of my friends, neighbors, and coworkers of the unfair treatment that I received from Big Lots. This is no way to treat a customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Big Lots Manager.

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I bought 2 Wilson & Fisher Navy Blue Pop-Up Canopy with Netting, (11' x 11) and luckily I only put 1 up for our BBQ. After the BBQ we had a really bad storm come through, (before I could take it back down).

There are ties and tie downs for everything EXCEPT the bottom of the screen. There is no way to tie the bottom of the screens to the poles so of course they ended up flying in the wind and caught the table and chairs and they were ripped to pieces. Now I am either stuck without screens (and we live in the country with alot of flies and mosquitoes) or I have to find replacement screens somewhere.

It wouldn't cost that much to put little ties at the bottom of the screens to attach to the poles to hold them in place. It also says that 2 people can put it up together, my husband and I had a hard time putting it up because the cross bars were so tight, and I do a lot of physical labor so I'm not weak.


As a Big Lots employee...I really would advise against getting any furniture or patio stuff there. Makes me mad we sell junk that breaks, but it’s true.


I spent $500 on a set of wicker glider chairs and then purchased very expensive covers for them for protection. I bought them mid summer last year.

I just uncovered them and they are brittle, cracking and leaving pieces everywhere. They are not wicker they are plastic. I called and got the same BS.

They suck at customer service. I am going to see if my credit card has buyer protection and see it they will do anything for me.


Not to be rude but u SHOULD know return policies are POLICIES For a reason!!! AND I learned at a very young age (36 now) not to buy stuff out of season for this reason!!!

Also i never buy expensive or electronic Christmas gifts early because of return policies!!! U seriously can’t be mad at a company policy!!! RULES ARE RULES JUST LIKE LAWS ARE LAWS!

I saw u posted u fully understand company has policies..... I really dont think u do!

Porum, Oklahoma, United States #1338589

wow just found out the Wilson & fisher umbrella with net we bought and only used 2 weeks and rope broke can not fix and out 199.00 WILL NEVER BUY FROM BIG LOTS EVER!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1389911

I you can get the company that made it from Big Lots and request a warranty claim versus a return. For example, my soar lights were made by Everstar and per their customer service the warranty is one year.

If you need a copy of your receipt, corporate can provide it if you used your rewards card.

If the warranty period ended, Visa will extended any warranty by one year and you can file a claim with Visa directly (not the bank that issues your car but the bigger Visa company). The process worked for me!

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1211291

Wow. This makes sense to me I purchased a Wilson & Fisher Slant Leg Pop Up Sun Shelter for July 4, 2016.

On my second use two of the poles shaped. Amazing!!

I will not purchase any items made by Wilson & Fisher I am out of $70 with just two uses!

It's clearly defective. I will call my Big Lots here in Charlotte, NC , I am afraid I want get a positive result!!!

Sacramento, California, United States #1198851

Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty sure I will be having the same problem.

I also purchased that same crappy umbrella, and unfortunately did not take it out of its bag to use until many months later. I simply didn't need the umbrella & was holding onto it until my other one broke. As soon as I opened up the umbrella, figured out how to tilt, tried to un-tilt the thing, the white cord snapped. Now i can't get the umbrella to close.

Will have to break the umbrella before I can fit in my car to return.

I have learned my lessons: NEVER, EVER buy Made in China!!, try out items after purchase to make sure they work properly, only buy small items from Big Lots!!

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1189496

$48 is a "large ticket priced purchase" to you? I bought a $130 gazebo at Sam's Club and only got to use it for 8 days before a rain storm destroyed it. I'd hate to see your furor if you were me, lol.

New Port Richey, Florida, United States #1181196

I have a 11" inch umbrella from Big Lot and the chord broken and can not get refund or replaced too


30 days is 30 days. 30 days is generous in my opinion. Don't buy summer items in winter for cheap if you do not agree with the return policy.

to LadyScot #1138681

Really?! Big help there lady scot you must work there

to LadyScot #1460038

I COMPLETELY agree with u!! I learned at a young age to only buy seasonal items IN SEASON!

And not on clearance at end of season because most clearance items u CANT return! ALSO i never but expensive or electronic Christmas gifts early!!!

Learned by the time i was 20 about that! im 36 now so i KNOW there are rules for a reason and DONT BUY STUFF NOT IN SEASON!


I'm trying to figure out how you got something that size for $ 48 ??

to Anonymous #1202723

Me too, as I paid over $200 for this same piece of garbage that Big Lots will not accept return of.


I think there should be an exception to a big ticket item that is defective for an exchange over 30 days.


"That kind of money". $48?

California, United States #877373

your complaint is valid with respect to the defective product. However, Big Lots sells cheap stuff cheap.

If you want quality and great customer service, then a better, more expensive store would be your best bet. Sears, Lowes, Home Depot maybe? Even so...they also have policies as to how long you have to exchange merchandise. Even though it was snowy, it was still your responsibility to open the package and inspect it when you got home.

THEN, they would have exchanged, or given you a refund. I make it a point to open packages WHILE I'm at the store.

If the item is cheap and it is made cheap, I don't buy it.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #845958

The tilt mechanism never worked on mine.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #820035

I was looking to purchase a gazebo from big lots but not now! Thanks for the heads up on a poor customer service company.

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